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Welcome to the brotherhood

We worked with Breadrin® in creating their brand and packaging for England’s first Kvas brand!  

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"K-what", we’re hearing you say to yourself! Kvas is the savoury cola of Eastern Europe and when made naturally, usually from surplus bread, it has more probiotic benefits than kombucha (or as 'Breadrinners' like to say 'bro-biotic benefits')

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Breadrin®’s launch product is called Brunch IPA, in their case IPA stands Ideal Plausible Alternative, which is a sourdough base brewed with avocado and lime leaf, and comes in at a low 1.2% ABV. It’s absolutely perfect for those ‘I want a beer but probably shouldn’t’ moments, like brunch! 

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As with Kvas in Eastern Europe we positioned Breadrin® as being ‘like a beer’ but rather than a traditional stuffy beer dripping with emblems of wheat sheafs, tankards and a brown colour palette, Breadrin is a modern contemporary brand that we know their target no-low male consumer will feel confident with in hand. 

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Breadrin®, as its namesake suggests, is a brand that has connectedness at its heart. Breadrin aspires to bring together a community of likeminded ‘Breadrinners’ that are on the hunt for interesting no-low alcohol alternatives. It’s with this in mind, we created the instantly recognisable Breadrin® ‘B’, which nods to part of the dough kneading process and the Covid era inspired ‘wrist bump’ social greeting.

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Breadrin®’s tone of voice, messaging and social channels will play off the wide range of bread and bakery related language that we all know, understand and use every day. 

We’re excited to see how this brand will rise (see what we did there!) and are looking forward to working with the Breadrin® team over the next few years.

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