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Ahead of the herd

How do you stand out in a hyper-saturated category?


Simple: be yourself, be bold, have a clear product differentiator, and only promise what you know is true.


That’s how our repositioning and rebranding approach helped Domizia find their ‘extra-ordinariness'.

BUFARMA® Hero Image

Our challenge was to better align the brand with its expertise in utilising essential ingredients and scientific knowledge to produce high-quality and effective products.


Domizia, or BUFARMA®, as it’s now known, specialises in natural skincare formulations and leverages the skin-repairing properties of organic buffalo milk, alongside responsibly sourced local botanicals from southern Italy.

BUFARMA® Before and After

The repositioning strategy aimed to differentiate BUFARMA® from the rest of the skincare category, which often delivers products in a generic white box and glass container with a minimal black identity.

BUFARMA® Product Shots

The BUFARMA® team wholeheartedly embraced our ‘extra-ordinary’ brand positioning concept and the idea of ‘ordinary’ materials containing products of ‘remarkable’ potential.

BUFARMA® Product Detail 1

To further enhance BUFARMA®’s eco-credentials, we sourced an innovative single-material bellow pump that doesn't contain any springs and can be easily recycled without being taken apart.

BUFARMA® Product Detail 3

To make the out-of-box experience special, we added a tactile tear-open strip that allows customers to unwrap and discover the brand story inside, fostering a deeper connection with the product.

BUFARMA®’s product packaging drew inspiration from aluminium milk urns traditionally used to store buffalo milk. It is also infinitely recyclable, premium, and lighter and safer than glass to transport.

BUFARMA® Product Detail 2

We also chose an outer boxboard and added premium iridescent foil-blocked identity details that are all 100% recyclable, reinforcing the ‘extra-ordinary’ brand positioning.

BUFARMA® Product Detail 4

Our brand world development continues the ‘extra-ordinary' ethos with the use of a muted natural colour palette, straightforward tone of voice, and 'real' au naturel imagery.

BUFARMA® Brand World 1
BUFARMA® Brand World 2
BUFARMA® Brand World 3
BUFARMA® Brand World 4
BUFARMA® Brand World 5
BUFARMA® Brand World 6

The product’s launch at one of the industry's largest European trade shows received overwhelmingly positive feedback from category buyers, resulting in confirmed listings in retail channels in multiple markets and BUFARMA® has also secured Kiera Chaplin as a brand ambassador.


SoreThumbStudio® helped BUFARMA® with the development of their brand positioning, brand name, brand identity, packaging design, visual language, tone of voice, product imagery, and photographic style.


BUFARMA® is available in UK, US, European, and West Asian health and beauty stores.

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