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Kombucha’s second coming

We worked with Happy J’s in creating the category defining brand and packaging for their Alcoholic Kombucha launch in the UK market. 

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Alcoholic Kombucha offers a happy balance of probiotic goodness along with a little kick from the hard stuff, and in Happy J’s case this is quadruple distilled Vodka.

Happy J's  FAB Award – 01 Intro.jpg

Alcoholic Kombucha is already developing as a category in the US and is riding on the wake of Hard Seltzer. In the UK and Europe it is newly emerging and set to follow a similar path to its opposite number the other side of the pond. 

Happy J's  FAB Award – 03 Merch_edited.png
Happy J's  FAB Award – 04 Social_edited.jpg

We shook off the typical flower power shackles that would normally be associated with Kombucha and referenced the ‘second summer of love’, embarking Happy J's on an acid house inspired visual journey. We created a brand and it's packaging that is informative, fun, irreverent and perfectly timed for the resurgence of late 80s and early 90s, baggy jeans and bucket hats, cool.

Happy J's  FAB Award – 05 Icons.jpg

As a design brief goes, Happy J’s founder Jake Filson’s “Give me a brand that looks shit hot on a t-shirt” would have to top almost all designer’s wish list. It gave us enough insight into the mind of the founder and the creative freedom to go wild and create something outstanding.

HJs T-Shirts PSD Mockup MNv1.jpg
Happy J's  FAB Award Entry MNv5-01.jpg

Happy J’s Alcoholic Kombucha launched with two cocktail inspired flavours, Mango & Ginger, and Mint & Lime in bars, restaurant and independent retailers, in and around the UK’s London and Manchester metro areas.

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