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In a category riddled with clichés and innuendos, Licx needed to seize the opportunity to be different, stand proud and become a sexual wellbeing brand.  

Licx for website MNv2-03.jpg

Femininely-bold confidence and a vibrant sensual visual language that can be flexed to work across a multi-product range, along with a number of other key touch points, became the order of the day.

The new positioning required a strategic name change from Licx to Licx London which gave the brand more authenticity, authority and confidence.

Licx for website MNv4-01.jpg
Licx for website MNv2-06.jpg

Creation of uniquely witty product descriptors further removed the brand from the competitive set and introduced consumers to Licx's fun, self-expressive and slightly irreverent tone of voice.

Licx for website MNv4-02.jpg
Licx for website MNv2-04.jpg
Licx for website MNv4-03.jpg

Licx will be available from pharmacists and other high street retailers near you, soon.

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