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A rebel with a cause

America is getting fatter and RealEats is a brand on a mission to positively change what and how the nation eats. 


RealEats’ pre-made fridge-ready and delivered-to-your-door healthy meals remove the convenient verses wholesome coin toss. Consumers can now have the best of both worlds with the healthiness of a meal-kit delivery service and the convenience of fast food.

Real Eats work images MNv2-09.jpg

RealEats required a brand identity and visual language that was more befitting of its rebellious nature and challenger attitude.

Rather than throw out the cooking pot with the water, we repurposed it, taking it beyond its functional meaning and creating something more evocative, resonant and powerful. 

Real Eats work images MNv4-01.jpg
Real Eats work images MNv4-03.jpg
Real Eats work images MNv4-02.jpg

This identity refresh combined with a more edgy homemade protest-march style visual language, a provocative tone of voice and improved food imagery has set RealEats on a new path that is distinctively different to the competitive set.

Real Eats work images MNv4-04.jpg
Real Eats work images MNv3-16.jpg

"This concept is off the charts amazing and beyond my wildest expectations. Now we can be the true revolutionaries we always aspired to be!"

Dan Wise, Founder & CEO RealEats America

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