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One for the Trophi® Cabinet 

We've worked with Surya Foods to create the brand identity and packaging suite for one of their first new brand launches in 3 years.

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Trophi®, was the chosen name for the new Greek food range with 9 initial SKUs that will span the ambient, chilled and frozen aisles of supermarkets.

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As the demand for Mediterranean-style foods and meal kits continues to rise among UK and European consumers, Trophi® stands as the pioneer brand providing a Greek culinary offering.

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By using a robust brand structure and a vibrant textured sky blue background, we ensured that Trophi® commands attention and remains immediately identifiable across a segmented customer experience.

Trophi® 04.jpg

Recognising that consumers eat with their eyes, we ensured that Trophi®’s mouthwatering food images occupy a considerable amount of real estate on the front of the pack.

Trophi® 06.jpg

Trophi® draws its inspiration from the eclecticism of mezze-style dining. All food photography is captured from a bird's-eye view, while the selection of crockery, utensils, and other props was deliberately chosen for their rustic and differing qualities.

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Trophi®, in a very literal sense, translates to 'Greek food'. It transports the delightful essence of a Greek holiday right to your dining table. Each Trophi® pack includes a postcard message introducing consumers to the brand's ethos.

SoreThumbStudio® spearheaded the development of Trophi®’s Brand Positioning, Brand Name, Brand Identity, Visual Language, Tone of Voice, Packaging Design, and Food Photography Art Direction.

Trophi® will be available in Asda from April 2024.

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